Planeta Cativante

Planet Volcano

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My first time was in Chile. I was inside a car, I don’t remember the volcano’s name, it all happened so quickly. I saw the perfect form, all its voluptuousness and I fell in love…….

Yes, I found out that I have a great appreciation for mountains with a conical shape that spit fire (even though some don’t spit fire anymore).

Brazil is located in the middle of a tectonic plate that’s why it doesn’t have many volcanoes (which are “born” at the end of the plates) and a few that existed here have been extinct a long time ago.

But don’t worry! If you want to visit one we are very close to several. The Caribbean Plate, where all the countries of Central America are located, offers great opportunities.

However, do not think that only those that still have eruptions are more fun. There is a lot to see and do around these spectacularly shaped mountains:

You can pull up a chair, order a nice cup of coffee and relax enjoying the wonderful view in the streets of  Antigua Guatemala

Agua Volcano

You can go on a beautiful trek around the Costa Rican hills;

Arenal Volcano

You can ride your bike through the Chilean roads to the volcano;


…….and even let your body float in the Nicaraguan waters just near by one.

Maderas Volcano

Why not  toast a delicious marshmallow over 1000 degrees Celsius magma?

Pacaya Volcano

No matter where…… no matter how. The most important thing is the joy of being in touch with this marvel of Mother Nature.

Go on……. don’t be shy, later tell me about your first time.

My name is João. I enjoy traveling around discovering the world, it’s people and myself.

Marina Viana

Marina Viana

Como uma ariana nata, sempre tive vontade de me aventurar e foi assim que depois de me formar em turismo, resolvi passar um ano nos Estados Unidos. Acabei ficando seis e, mesmo com muitas incertezas, resolvi que era hora de voltar. Trouxe na bagagem muitas histórias para contar. Atualmente, moro em Florianópolis e atuo como professora de inglês e tradutora.

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